Southholm Boarding Kennels & Cattery

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We are an established boarding kennels situated in a quiet spot in the countryside close to Lanark, Scotland. Our nearest town, should you be looking for us on any map is Pettinain. As well as the kennels, we now have a purpose built cattery available and we now provide the same standard of care for cats as well as dogs. Obviously, being a registered kennel and cattery with our local authority, we do specify certain conditions of boarding. for both cats and dogs, but no more than any, quality, kennels or cattery would ask for.

Resume of our service:

Please note our opening times are as follows:
Monday to Saturday: 10am until 6pm
Sunday: 1pm until 4pm
If you need to know more about our kennels or the cattery, call Ann or Colin on 01555 870006, or e-mail us at

Please, have a browse around our web site to see what we can offer you....

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